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balaji medical and general   20-132512
balaji medicals and general  20-KA-TMK/20/1161
care pharma  20-132516
edwards lifesciences (india  ---
gokulam city pharma  20-132525
green plus medicals & gener  20-BNG/6/311
kundhodari medical & gener  20-KABLR/20/812
m. m. pharma  ---
m/s vss medicals  20-KA-HSN/20//865
m/s. al-noor medical & gene  20-KA/BJR/816
m/s. ambika pharma  20B-KA/BJR/245
m/s. shri hanuman medical a  20-132530
m/s. vaddodagi pharmaceutic  20-KA/BJR/814
m/s.santosh pharma  20B-132508
m/s.srinivas hospital pharm  ---
maa medicals  20-132527
medizone pharma  ---
sentiss pharma private limi  20B-132521
shiva medicals and general   20-132510
shivaganga medical and gene  20-132514
shri nagalingeshwar pharma  20B-KA/DWR/20B/671
sree vidya pharma  ---
sree vinayaka pharma  ---
sri manjunatha medical & gr  20-KA/MYS/I/922
sri sai medicals and genere  20-132505
sri sri college of ayurvedi  20-132523
tamara health private limit  20-132519
tamara health private limit  20F-132529
yogananda pharma  20F-132507
Officers are informed the Group Mobile SIM Card distributed are withdrawn and new SIM Cards are again distributed for given Number.

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To strive for pharmaceutical excellence and health for all by ensuring the availability of safe, effective and quality drugs and Cosmetics to the public and to endeavor to empower our Drugs Control Department, Karnataka as one of the best regulatory agency in the Country and pool into all sincere efforts to place State of Karnataka on the global map as one of the best drugs regulatory institution.


The Mission of the Drugs Control Department, Karnataka is to protect the public health by effectively and efficiently supporting the Health Care Quality Section and the Environmental and Consumer Safety Section in their regulatory activities.

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