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adarsha medicals,  ---
apollo pharmacy ( a unit of  20-150853
ashwini medical and general  20-KA/BGK/20/555
balagatte medicals  20-KA/SMG/470
bankapur medical stores  20-MYW/379
bhagavan pharmaceuticals  20-150828
bharath medical store  20-150836
geetha pharma  20-150861
ghattu medicals  20-MYB/3433
hallur medical and general   20-MYJ: 20/692
hll lifecare limited  20-150855
hundkar medical & general s  20-MYR/295
kadagi medicals and genera  20-MYW/922
khan medicals  ---
m/s siddalingeshwar medical  20-150834
metarain distributors priva  20B-150849
nagasri medicals  ---
new shankar medical stores  20-KA/RCR/1137
new utkarsha medical centre  20-KA/RCR/125
nisarga medical & general s  20-KA/KLR/480
om medicals  20-BNG/R/737
priya medicals  ---
pulse plus pvt ltd  20-150863
ramdev medical and general   20-150838
ramesh medicals  ---
ramesh medicals  20-102235
rrk medicals &general store  20-101929
sapthagiri enterprises  20-150859
shirusti pharma  20-101597
shivalingesh medical and ge  20-101055
shrishila medical & general  20-150842
someshwara medicals  20-/281
spoorthi medical agency  20B-150851
sri hombale medicals  20-MYU/535
sri mallikarjun medical and  20-150865
sri mallikarjuna medicals  20-150846
sri nidhi medicals  20-KABNGI/20/844
sri shyla pharma  ---
sri siddaruda pharma  20-150844
sri thippeswamy medicals  20-KA/CTG/379
vinayaka medicals and gener  20-102315
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To strive for pharmaceutical excellence and health for all by ensuring the availability of safe, effective and quality drugs and Cosmetics to the public and to endeavor to empower our Drugs Control Department, Karnataka as one of the best regulatory agency in the Country and pool into all sincere efforts to place State of Karnataka on the global map as one of the best drugs regulatory institution.


The Mission of the Drugs Control Department, Karnataka is to protect the public health by effectively and efficiently supporting the Health Care Quality Section and the Environmental and Consumer Safety Section in their regulatory activities.

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